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delicious creamsoups me

6 May
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“…. The journey never ends here…”Pia is her name. She really loves to drawing, she loves art so much. That’s why she’s entering Art faculty last year (2009). For her, it’s a bit hard at the first time because the environment is different with the school days.
At the same time, she loves music too, especially KPOP. Never pass the day without kpop music. She’s also an ELF (EverLastingFriends). ELF is Super Junior fanclub name.
She also loves to play with Photoshop. She can make the impossible thing to be possible thing. Photoshop is like her wand. And her PC is also like her wand. Ah ,, don’t forget with her sketches book and her pencils, she loves them so much. Really.

And her personal life.. she’s now living happily with her family. She loves her parents, her family, her friends, her neighbor, and her….mm cabi. Haha cabi is her favorite doll.
She loves animal especially CAT. As your information, she’d be going crazy if seeing a lot (or just a) cat. Please take a space with her if there’s also a cat around you. lol

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